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Plants Able To Expel Poison

There are several types of plants whichproduce a fluid which is poisonous, triggering allergic reactions inmany people. Interestingly enough, people have called these plantseither poison-oaks or poison-ivies. However, these plants havenothing to do with either oak or ivy. Rather, they belong todifferent families. Nevertheless, regardless of their origin andbelonging, their main weapon remains this poisonous excrement.Different people react differently to this poison, some having moreserious effects than the others. Therefore, it is important to be able tonotice the symptoms on time in order to react and take some measuresonce being exposed to this plant's poison.

Manifestations of Poison-oak SkinContact

There are many occasions when there isa high likelihood of you touching this plant. Actually, whenever outin the nature, or in your own backyard, you may accidentally rub apart of your skin on the leaves of a poison-oak. Most probably, suchan encounter will result in a quick development of a rash, causingirritation and discomfort. Some people may experience the appearanceof rashes a day or two after the encounter. Nevertheless, the worstcase scenarios involve gradual increase in irritation and itchiness,culminating in the appearance of blisters. Finally, once the blisterssettle down, they transform themselves into a crust which resides forseveral days.

Taking into consideration that touchingand scratching make things incomparably worse, as soon as onerealizes he or she had been exposed to poison-oak, steps need to betaken in order to reduce or neutralize the poison. Firstly, disinfectthe area by pouring alcohol over it. Afterwards, wash it off with astream of cold water. Finally, make sure you clean it additionallywith a soap and a warm bath.

If you have already waited for toolong, and the rash starts escalating, there are several things youmay do. Keep the rash uncovered as much as you can, in order to avoidfriction between it and your clothes. Apply wet compression on it inorder to calm it down. Finally, you may wash the rashes in a solutionmade from baking soda and water.

However, if you realize that the rashesare spreading quickly even though you did your best to stop them,seek medical attention as soon as possible. After being examined by adermatologist, s/he may prescribe you adequate medications whichwill surely relieve you of the unbearable irritation this plant isknown to cause.

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