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Neck tumor can be defined as an abnormal growth of the cells in the neck. We know that each tumor can be either benign (or not serious and life threatening), and malignant (or cancerous).

What is important to know is that the neck tumor is not the same thing as the neck cyst, since the cysts are the sacs filled with certain material (either watery or solid), while the neck tumors represent the abnormal neck cell growth, so that the neck tumors are not filled with anything. Furthermore, in the majority of cases, the cysts that are formed in the neck are benign and there are only few cases when they were cancerous.

Symptoms of neck tumor

When the tumor is developed in the neck of an individual, it shows several symptoms that warn the person that something is wrong and that there is certain ailment present in the neck. The most common warning signs of neck tumor are the neck lump and pain in this area. However, sometimes it happens that the neck tumor is so small that the lump is invisible and cannot be detected by a naked eye.

It is also important to know that when the swelling and tenderness occur, it does not mean that the neck tumor is present since these two symptoms may also indicate some infection in the throat, or some other neck ailment.

Diagnosing of neck tumor

When the neck tumor is diagnosed, the doctor orders the biopsy of the tumor in order to establish whether it is malignant or it is just a benign growth. In a biopsy, the sample of tumor cells is taken and then analyzed in a laboratory. While the biopsy is performed, the antiseptic is applied in order to numb the region around the tumor, so that the cells can be taken. The results of the biopsy can be obtained within a few days.

Treatment of neck tumor

The benign neck tumor does not expend to the surrounding areas and may be removed in a surgery, but it is not always necessary. On the other side, the malignant neck tumors tend to spread and for that reason, they should be treated promptly. If the neck cancer is confined only to the neck, then the surgery is the best option. However, if the neck cancer has spread to the other surrounding areas, then there are other treatment options that should be employed, such as radiation and chemotherapy.

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