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Plastic is the material which offers a lot of different uses. The name comes from the Greek word which means ”easily manipulated,” and that can be the explanation why nowadays plastic is one of the most popular materials and why is the production of plastic the industry itself. The benefits of plastic in the aircraft industry

The most important characteristic of plastic, concerning this matter, is the light weight of this material.

Even though there is a lot or discussions lately about the harmful effect of the plastic materials on the natural surroundings and environment, it is irreplaceable for some constructional purposes. For example, plastic is used a lot for building some parts of the aeronautical aircraft, in fact, as even more durable replacement for rubber, mostly because of its quality to bear the heat. It is also used for the radars since, that way, the preservation rate of the waves is increased.

Besides the missiles, rockets and airplanes, plastic is used for building the helicopters. So, besides being light, plastic is enough stiff and elastic in the same time, and because of that it is applied on the places where the vibratory motions are likely to happen, such as the case with the helicopters.The appliance in the construction industry

Similarly as the aircrafts, the plastic is very beneficial for the buildings, in fact for making the mechanical devices through which the flow of gas or liquid is meant to pass, also because its quality to sustain the heat and because the balance between the durability and flexibility it possesses. Apart from that, since plastic is easily shaped, it is used for making the interior and exterior decorations as well.The plastic packages and the transportation of goods

All this numerous qualities of the plastic as the material found their purpose in making packages, and because of that, plastic is most used in this branch of industry. Sometimes the container must be hard and sometimes the thin foil from plastic is made for wrapping something. For example, it is very beneficial for the storage of different foods.

Also, the best way to carry some goods is in the plastic container, but some parts of the vehicles are made of plastic, too (e.g. bumpers, the covers for wheels, even the seats in buses, and so on).

Electronic devices

We mustn’t forgot the use of plastic in electronic and the modern technology, (because it is very good electric isolator) such as for making wires, switches, for making of a number of the household appliances, and for the PCs.

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