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A what!? Yes, you read that right a menstrual cup! Who said that tampons or sanitary pads are your only option for that time of the month? Reusable menstrual cups like the Diva Cup and the Moon Cup (which are, basically, the same thing) are silicone cups that collect your menstrual flow each month. Does it sound gross? In my experience, it doesn't have to be. Here is a list of benefits of using a menstrual cup.

Using menstrual cups is cost effective. They cost around $30, but can be used indefinitely. You just clean them every time after use. In a few cycles, you will have made your money back. Fewer cramps. In my experience, the Diva Cup has resulted in fewer menstrual cramps. Menstruation used to be a menace for me, but now I hardly feel it. No need to take menstrual products with you, or dispose of any. Your cup will always be with you when you are already having your period, so you will not run out of tampons unexpectedly or have to carry them around. You're able to monitor your flow. For women who experience unusual or heavy periods or long menstrual cycles, this can be especially handy. If you ever have a medical appointment on the subject, using a menstrual cup means that you will be able to tell your doctor all the gory details. Menstrual cups actually have measures on them. You will also be able to notice any unusual tissues. No vaginal irritation. Some women can't use tampons, because they are allergic to the ingredients. Menstrual pads can do the same thing. I've had no problems with my menstrual cup.

After about four months of using the Diva Cup, I can truly say I am delighted with it. There are no leaks, there is no hassle, and there are just benefits all around.

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