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The inability to control bowel and bladder is calledincontinence and it is a problem that torments 20 million people in the UnitedSates only. It can lead to a very unhealthy personal and social life because of the embarrassment it can introduce in a person’s life. There are bladder and urethral pressure and the latter is responsible for the urinemaintenance and it is higher. When it is lower than thebladder, the urine release is involuntary and this develops the problem inquestion. The urinary incontinence is the name used for this problem and thereare several factors and medical conditions that cause it, such as Alzheimer’sdisease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, weak pelvic muscle and certain injury.


The incontinence problem can be controlled in a very discreet way, which is alsovery convenient, with the use of incontinence pads. There are two types of pads and they are reusable and disposable types. While both types are efficient, both also have disadvantages and advantages. The reusable are made of cottonand they are a bit better if the urination problem is greater and the skin willbreathe more if you use the reusable cotton pads. The buildup of heat isavoided by the good air circulation. You can get incontinence pads in manyfabrics, sizes and shapes.


Also, if the pads are reusable, they can be washed. You will save a lot ofmoney by using the reusable pads because you do not have to buy new ones aftereach accident, like you will have to do with the disposable pads. But if you use thereusable, you will have to be careful of the potential leakage so you will needto wear plastic cover-up pants because they are waterproof and prevent theleakage. The absorbency of the pads can be increased when you use diaperdoublers or diaper soakers as well, and sometimes they are given along with thecotton pads.

Environmental Concern

The cotton pads are more ecofriendly than the disposable pads because they donot have non-biodegradable material like the disposable ones. The waste problemis avoided with the use of reusable diapers and many people advocate the use ofthese pads due to this property. The disposable pads have paper and some peopleare allergic to it. Also, they are more discreet because they produce lessnoise than the disposable ones. This is why they are becoming more and morepopular and more types of the pads are available today.

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