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Methods of weight loss

There are various methodsfor the weight loss, ranging from the classical approach which meansgoing on some sort of diet, to the more radical approaches thatinvolve surgical procedures. One would immediately think of theliposuction, but that is the method that deals with the consequence,but does little to affect the cause. As the cause of being overweightis eating too much, various surgical methods that can deal withovereating has been devised. These are typically minimally invasiveas nobody wants a battle scar as a reminder of the procedure. One ofthe procedures that is almost noninvasive is the gastric balloonsurgery.

What is a gastric balloon?

It is basically a sac,made of tissue-friendly silicone, that is inserted into your stomachand then filled with saline. It occupies a significant portion ofspace in your stomach, making you feel full all the time, thusreducing the urge to eat, and leaving less space for food, and thusno space for excess food, which is what makes us fat.

The procedure

It is basically anoutpatient procedure, insertion itself typically lasts no more thanone half of an hour and you can go home on the same day. Insertion ofthe (empty) balloon is done through the esophagus and there are noscars at all. Once in the stomach, the balloon is filled with asterile saline.

After the procedure

Your stomach will need toadapt to that thing inside it, so for the first week, you will be ona liquid diet, and after that, the dietician should provide you witha diet plan, by which you can begin to eat solid foods. This dietprogram will be designed according to your needs and you should stickto it if you do not want to go through this for nothing. The balloonwill stay in place for six months, and during this time you shouldmake permanent changes in your lifestyle and diet. A team ofspecialists will monitor your case and provide you with advicesrelated to your transition to a different lifestyle. The balloonitself serves only as a jump-start mechanism and makes the pounds goaway faster.

Advantages anddisadvantages

Primary advantage of thisprocedure is that there is a reduced feeling of hunger, which is theprimary cause of overeating. Weight loss is dramatic, as you mightexpect to lose 15-20 kilo while the balloon is in place. However,side effects are also possible, and you might go through periods ofnausea, cramping and vomiting in the first three weeks after theprocedure.

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