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This text will focus on the injections of vitamin B12, which are mostly used for those who are experiencing physical weakness. It can be found in many foods, such as poultry or eggs, but lamb liver is a food that has the highest level of this vitamin. B 12 is stored in kidneys and liver and it is one of the water soluble vitamins, but there is a mentioned difference since water soluble vitamins are passed out from the body along with urine. It is responsible for the building of red cells and DNA because it functions along with folic acid. The vitamin B12 we get from food is mixed with intrinsic acid and this mixture is taken to the blood cells, which leads to protected nerve cells and sheath maintenance. Once this vitamin enters the system, it is stored for a long time. Problems associated with the deficiency of vitamin B12 usually come from a long-lasting problem from the past. If this problem is present, the treatment will consist of vitamin B12 injections, or oral vitamin supplements.


The depleted supply of the body with oxygen can occur if there are not enough of red blood cells. This will create a feeling of tiredness and fatigue. The name pernicious anemia is connected with the deficiency of vitamin B12 and it can cause mental problems and nerve inflammation. Also, some studies suggest that there may be a connection between this deficiency and Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin B12 injections will be needed for those who do not have enough of this vitamin in their system. People who focus their nutrition on fruits and vegetables are at increased risk of suffering from this problem, since these foods are low in vitamin B12. These injections can increase the rate of metabolism and energy in the body, so they are good for those with the weight problem. Also, be careful with taking these injections since some side effects can occur if the dosages taken are higher than prescribed. Increase of appetite and energy can be achieved with administration of an injection in subcutaneous way.

Side Effects

Pain felt in the region where the injection has been administered is the most common side effect. Also, emotion of burning and warm sensation may be felt as well, but these problems do not last more than 72 hours. Diarrhea is another possible side effect that lasts around a week. The B12 injections can cause allergic reactions and upset stomach cramps. Those who are suffering from kidney or liver disease should not use these injections. Try to include foods like lamb meat, cheese and eggs in your nutrition and they will provide relief from stress and fatigue, which can also be achieved with the help from vitamin B12 injections.

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