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In the following text, we will discuss on the symptoms,causes and options for treatment associated with arterial insufficiency. Thiscondition is associated with blood flow, which is insufficient in the arteriesand this can lead to many medical problems. Arterial insufficiency can becaused by several factors, such as excessive use of tobacco for a longer periodof time, aneurysm, weakened blood vessels, damaged blood vessels,hypercoagulability states and atherosclerotic plaques. This condition targetsone location on the body and the problem can be detected by the location of thesymptoms. For example, heart attack can be a result of a problem with heartarteries, or leg cramp felt during a walk can be a result of a problem withlegs or lower abdomen arteries. Also, a stroke can be caused by a problem withthe brain arteries and so on.


The initial symptom associated with the arterial insufficiency is thediscoloration of the skin, which is usually bluish or pale. Other possibleproblems are the skin mottling and reduced temperature sense located in theproblematic area. Arterial insufficiency can also cause a tingling sensation,muscle atrophy felt in the extremities (which is associated with the arterialinsufficiency ulcers) and absent or diminished peripheral pulse.


Like so many other medical conditions, the exact cause of the problem hasto be discovered first and then treated. This is the case with arterial insufficiencyas well. Physical examination is the first part of the diagnosis. The doctorwill look for the skin discolorations we have mentioned in the previous lines.The blood flow will be reduced due to this condition and it will create thepale discoloration, which will mottle and become dark purple over time, due tothe development of ischemia. This has to be prevented since, if it is notprevented, the skin tissue will die, and this can be detected by black skinarea. The temperature of troubling locations will be examined, because the temperature of the ischemic tissue is lower than the surrounding tissue.

Also, there are several tests that a doctor can use, such as capillary refilltest. This test can determine if arterial deficiency is present, since moretime is needed for the capillary to fill if the arterial insufficiency ispresent. Another indication of the condition is low blood pressure. The exacttreatment will be the next step, once the exact cause of the problem has beenfound. Leading a healthy life and following a healthy diet will certainly help you with any medicalcondition and also with arterial insufficiency. It will make the recoveryfaster.

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