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The reasons for popularity of alternative medicine

Alternative medicine means that it differs from the standard and conventional medical treatments. The methods and practices that are being used are nothing like conventional medical treatments and they are alternative to them. Some of the most famous and known ways of alternative medicine are acupuncture, ayurveda and homeopathy. Apart from these there are various more ways of alternative medicine. In the recent years the ways of alternative medicine have gained a lot of popularity. Nowadays, people seek various ways to treat certain disorders and diseases and they are not afraid to seek treatment from alternative medicine. There are a couple of known reasons why alternative medicine had become so popular.


One of the main reasons of alternative medicine's increasing popularity lies in the fact that it is not at all complicated and treats all sort of diseases without trouble or pain, unlike most conventional medicines. Alternative medicine is more popular with older people because they are facing inevitable pains, aches and illnesses that come with age. In most cases people will first go for the standard therapies but if they fail to bring results people will turn to alternative medicines. A majority of people prefer alternative medicines because of the personal autonomy and control over health that they offer.

Another very important reason why people turn to alternative medicines is because they cost less than conventional medicines. Apart from being expensive, conventional medicines have a great chance of causing some side effects. Alternative medicines cost almost nothing because a person uses natural ingredients and things that can be found in almost every home like honey, garlic, ginger, coriander, black pepper, aloe vera and such ingredients. These ingredients will not cause any side effects. Herbs are also used in alternative medicines. For instance, a person can cure a cold or cough or fever with some herbs and spices.

The third good reason why people use alternative medicines is because scientific medicine uses drugs and surgery to treat any disease. Drugs cause side effects and surgeries are unpleasant and cause pain. People tend to avoid them. When there is no hope, people like to go somewhere where at least some hope is given to them.

Another reason why people prefer alternative medicines is because of the personal treatment a patient will receive when he or she looks for a alternative treatment. Unlike traditional practitioners, alternative practitioners encourage patients in hopeless situations and treat the mind, body and soul of the patient. In addition to this, alternative practitioners have more time to spend with patients.

Yoga, massage therapy, meditation and relaxation are some of the exercises that are included in the alternative medicines treatments. These exercises are known to be able to treat over 500 common diseases and disorders a person may suffer from.

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