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Since the problem of alcohol addiction cannot happen fast and it demands a lot of time, the recovery from it also needs a lot of time. The recovery from this problem depends on several factors but there are five general stages of this recovery. The recovery comprises of the stages involving pre-recovery and all the way to the creation of behavior, new ideas and lifestyle free of alcohol. This is a time consuming process, but it is also a very difficult one and maybe even more than most think. Many challenges and troubles are waiting for those who are trying to live a better life.

Stage 1

The first stage of this recovery is focused on the awareness and early acknowledgments. Honesty is the first thing that most alcoholics lose during their moral and physical decline. While the drinker can still drink during this stage, it is a pre-recovery stage and it is crucial since it lays the foundation for the future stages of the recovery. This stage greatly depends of the friends and the family of the person with a problem, because they help him or her to start the recovery. Although the drinker will never admit having a problem, family and friends have to make him realize that this is not true and that the problem is present. The recovery can continue only when the alcoholic realizes that he or she has a problem that needs to be resolved.

Stage 2

This stage called consideration and incubation begins when the problem is realized by the drinker, as well as the fact that help is needed. Once the problem is realized, the drinker will try to learn about the problem present and educate about it. In this way, he or she can see in which stage and how serious the problem is. Also, the extent of damage (social, mental, or physical) done by the problem is another thing that will interest the drinker.

Stage 3

This is the stage when the recovery really starts, and during this stage, the drinker learns about the ways of the treatment. This is when drinker has to become active in the recovery and there may be some problem with this in the beginning. If this happens, there are professionals who can help. The most important part of the recovery is that the drinker sees the problem and acts accordingly.

Stage 4

During this stage, the drinker returns to the healthy life without alcohol. One of the main reasons of the development of alcoholism is the gratification. Most people are trying the find comfort, and change mood and feel about something. This is a simple escape from the reality. Discipline and patience is something that the recovery is based on and the simple and quick gratifications we have mentioned need to be forgotten. Drinker needs to see the more permanent solutions and not the short-lasting gratification.

Stage 5

Once the drinker begins the journey to the new life, he or she will inspect the feelings, thought, relationship and behavior constantly. During this stage, the drinker needs to eliminate everything from the drinking life and find new and positive people. This is a very difficult stage so we think that it is best to include a professional in this journey.

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