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What is an Air Ambulance?

As the name itself may suggest, theseambulances are made specifically for air support, providing medicalassistance to people in places which are unreachable through othermeans of transportation. Aircraft medication of this type is capableof rescuing and providing medical assistance to people who findthemselves in need of it, while being on remote, unreachable places.Air ambulances, in these cases, provide them with assistance on thespot, or transfer them to the nearest hospital, where they aresuccessfully and adequately treated.

This kind of medical assistance ispriceless and has saved many lives so far. It is fast, effective andbeneficial in many different aspects.

Airborne Salvation

Many people claim that this way ofproviding medical assistance is dangerous since there is a greatchance of crashing, malfunctioning of the aircraft and other negativefactors. However, air ambulance is handled by experiencedprofessionals and there are minimal chances of something going wrong.

There have been many differentinterventions where peoples' lives have been saved. However, one ofthe most touching ones are the following ones.

Sammy Newlon, was a newborn baby whoseemed to suffer from some minor breathing issues. Upon beingexamined by his family's doctor, the baby was diagnosed with nohealth disorders. However, later that night, the baby stoppedbreathing. Luckily, air ambulance came and intervened quickly,transferring the whole family to the hospital, where the baby wassaved. No other way would be fast enough.

Next is the story about Ben Bryer, whowas an eighteen-year-old boy, experiencing an accident while ridinghis bicycle. The boy suffered terrible physical damage, breaking manybones, losing a lot of blood and falling into a coma. Even though Benwas in a coma for nine days, he was delivered to a hospital as soonas he was injured. Air ambulance was the reason he is still alive,since doctors managed to treat him timely.

Finally, Trevor Pierce was trying tohang Christmas lights on the roof of his house when he fell down andinjured himself severely, not being able to move. Air ambulanceintervened quickly and he was transferred to the nearest hospitalquickly, where he was treated successfully. Trevor would have died ifhe was moved and transferred to the hospital by car, since it wouldhave been a 30 minute ride.

All in all, air ambulance continues tosave lives of many, being an irreplaceable hand of medicine, reachingmany places in the shortest timespan possible, providing help andsalvation.

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