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A caregiver is a person who takes care of all the needs of an elderly person, or anyone in need. Since, these days, many elderly people live alone or with their spouses, they are incapable of taking proper care of themselves, especially in cases of accidents or serious diseases. Then, they need special care which their families cannot provide on their own. In these situations, the family usually hires a caregiver who remains present in the elderly person's home for a set number of hours required.

Who is a Caregiver?

Caregivers have a noble profession which is not quite lucrative. Basically, they earn about $18,000 a year due to the fact that there are many caregivers without qualifications. Thus, since there are no special requirements for the job, many individuals pursue their careers through caregiver jobs. However, a caregiver needs to possess certain qualities and be capable of performing certain duties and obligations.

Duties of Elder Care Caregivers

First of all, a caregiver should be there to provide personal help related to putting the clothes on and taking them off, combing, grooming etc. Additionally, bathing is a responsibility of the caregiver too. Some caregivers only need to help the elder person to dress. Then, they visit the home twice a day. However, during other operations such as bathing, the caregiver needs to be present, providing assistance if needed and required. Alternatively, a caregiver may have set days of the week when he/she visits the elderly person.

When the elderly patients are injured, disabled or ill, they commonly need help with going to the bathroom. Thus, the caregiver needs to be there to help and ensure proper hygiene during and after the process.

However, one of the most crucial duties related to elder care is providing medical assistance. So, all caregivers need to be completely aware of the person's medical history and his/her current health issues. The elderly person's doctor usually informs the caregiver about all the necessary medical data related to his/her patient. In return, the caregiver may need to monitor the person's vital signs and blood pressure, as well as body temperature, contacting the doctor in case of any irregularities or problems. Administering medications and applying ointments is also a necessary duty of a caregiver.

Sometimes, the caregiver may need to prepare meals for the elderly person, clean the house, change the sheets, do the laundry and the dishes, send and receive mails and perform any other tasks which the elderly person is not able to. Furthermore, the caregiver needs to provide transportation for the elderly person, taking him/her to the hospital or other desired locations.

Finally, a caregiver should be there as a friend and a companion too. This will keep the elderly people happy and satisfied, preventing them from feeling lonely or depressed.

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