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Everyone has been in situation to wake up with the cough that won’t stop no matter how badly he wants that. This should not be no reason to panic, especially if it lasted for several minutes. However, intensity and duration of the cough are usually associated with the causes and severity of this condition and they should be properly diagnosed and treated if necessary. Don’t ignore persistent or cough which last for long periods of time. Report any of these situations to your doctor as soon as you possibly can, to prevent any medical complications that could happen.


In some cases, early morning cough can be prevented simply by some changes and adjustments in lifestyle, especially if you are smoker. Smokers are frequently bothered with morning cough. Although there are millions of people smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipe tobacco, their bodies are not immune to all this nicotine, tar and other substances in the smoke and eventually they start to fail. One of the first signs of tobacco poisoning is persistent or chronic cough early in the morning and it is more prominent in older people who still smoke. Some smokers may also notice blood in their morning cough, which should be interpreted as the sign to stop smoking and start taking care of your body.

Post Nasal Drainage

This is something that can affect any person, regardless if they smoke or not and it can’t be controlled voluntarily. In most cases, this type of cough stops after a minute or two on its own. It is caused by post nasal drainage of sinuses into the throat. This creates certain irritation and cause coughing once the person wakes up and get up into vertical position.

Asthma and GERD

Conditions such as asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can also cause morning coughing. Asthma is genetic disease, usually affecting the person since the day of his or her birth and treated with different medications. Although drugs are working against all other symptoms of this respiratory disease, there is nothing much anyone can do about morning cough of these patients. Some people may find inhalers helpful, but it doesn't work for all patients in this position.

GERD can also lead to chronic morning cough, without any prior notice or symptoms. This condition is provoked by regurgitation of stomach acids into the esophagus, leading to throat irritation and morning cough in some of these patients.

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