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Electrocardiogram is a special test which scans the heart for any irregular electrical activity. The heart's electrical activity is converted into lines, spikes and dips called waves. The EKG picture, therefore, allows both the medical practitioner and the patient to have insight into the health of the latter's heart.

The Human Heart

The human heart is, basically, a muscle which works as a pump for blood, allowing it to circulate around the body. The electrical impulses created in the body give the heart the ability to move and contract, pumping the blood into the lungs and all the other parts of our body.

Risks Related to EKG

In most cases, there are no chances of any side-effects or health problems during EKG testing. The procedure is considered to be completely safe. The whole testing procedure does not involve electricity coming from the device through your organism. Thus, electrical shock is not a danger related to EKG imaging.

The Purpose of EKG

The main purpose of EKG is establishing the heart's electrical activity. Also, in cases of mysterious chest pain, EKG can help the diagnosis process. Shortness of breath, fainting or irregular heartbeats, can be easily resolved once their causes have been established through EKG. Additionally, the thickness of the heart chambers is read through the results of this test.

Finally, EKG is necessary for seeing whether certain heart medications have an effect on a person or whether pacemakers or other such devices are effective in regulating heartbeats. Also, one's cardiovascular health when suffering from some other conditions can be perceived through EKG as well.

Preparations and the EKG procedure

Before this test is done, your health practitioner will advise you to modify your regular procedure of taking medications since these may interfere with the results. Jewelry needs to be removed, even though women may stay in their bras, T-shirts or gowns, if they like. Stocking should be taken off and your body will be covered with a large sheet of paper before the scanning begins. Make sure that you ask your doctor about every kind of information you need about the process.

The procedure itself will involve you visiting the health facility and a qualified health expert regarding the EKG machine. Nevertheless, there are portable EKG devices too, so, in some cases, the tests can be performed anywhere, anytime. Usually, if you are spending time in a hospital, you will be exposed to an EKG for a longer period of time.

After lying on a table, the health specialist will place electrodes on your body. Sometimes, certain areas will need to be shaved in order for this to be possible. Once these are connected the test will commence. During the test, you are not allowed to speak. Rather, you should concentrate on breathing properly.

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