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EKG is a different name for ECG, and in this article, we deal with the abnormal EKG results. When someone complains to the doctor about pain in the chest, the first thing that a doctor will do is an EKG rest on that person. The purpose of EKG is to monitor and measure electrical activity of the human heart and heart rate. The number of beats that is considered normal is 60-80 beats per minute, but this number is not always the same and it depends on the activity that you have been doing at the moment of the measurement or prior to it. Physical activity is just one of the possible causes that may make your heart rate to increase and if you are on EKG at the moment when your heart rate is increased, then the EKG results will be irregular. Causes of irregular EKG results can also be heart attacks, heart infection, or some other problem that is in close association with the heart.

Abnormal EKG Causes

It is normal to reach a conclusion that normal, healthy people have normal EKG. Some of the possible conditions that are the main culprits for irregular EKG include heart attack, angina, electrical heart problems, ventricular tachycardia, and ventricular fibrillation. Heart attack appears due to the blockage of some heart muscles and poor blood circulation. If some coronary artery disease that causes blood clots is present, then all of these things can cause increased heart rate and abnormal EKG. A temporal heart blockage is called angina. If nerves that are responsible for normal blood circulation are deprived of oxygen for some reason, EKG shows abnormalities and nerves may be responsible for that. Ventricular tachycardia appears when two heart beat ventricles beat very fast. The outcome of that is low blood pumping because there isn’t any time between two contractions to fill the ventricles with the blood. Abnormal EKG normally appears in this condition.

Numerous other things can also cause abnormal EKG, but under no circumstances, a person should disregard it. As a measure of precaution, he/she should control his heart, as well as the causes that can lead to the abnormal EKG. Things that we consume and drink everyday also cause abnormal EKG and those things include caffeine, nicotine, some drugs, external stimulus, stress, and trauma. We should also avoid everything that may have bad influence on our heart. If the medical cause for abnormal EKG is diagnosed on time, then there is a chance for successful treatment and recovery.

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