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A Brief Introduction to PopularDrugs

Duringthe past few decades, a social catastrophe has intensely been takingits toll on the population of nearly the entire nation. Anyone whohas seen the film 'Prozac Nation' may, too, see a point to this.

Whatwe are talking about here is the programme which brings about thedebilitation of the nation by means of mass drugging it to apathy.What's worse, is that no matter the angle, however to toss the thingaround, there is just no way of perceiving this gesture as anythingelse but full out enemy action.

Ofcourse this is a much more subtle attack than, say, a terroristattack could be considered. And even if the figures which illustratethe casualties of modern drugs don't come nowhere near the ones ofany other type of enemy assault, the purpose still doesn't justifythe means – nor the casualties, for that matter.

In Closer Detail...

Toclear a few terms up a bit before we go on....

Whatis, in this case, mean by "The Nations" is not only thepopulation of the United States, but also, and sadly, the entireworld. Yes, this is, alas, a widespread global phenomenon. The term"drugs" isn't used only for street drugs, but in this casealso, and primarily, for the legal ones. And lastly, just becausesomething is "legal" in one country or another, nothingstill makes it it any safer. What legal actually stands for is thefact that when something is, it is just easier to promote, publish andpush – and that's that.

Thesedrugs are pushed through the entire breadth and width of the media,and the people behind them work in just about the most irresponsiblesection of the medical profession.

Evidenceof this are the thousands upon thousands of painkiller addicts inAmerica today.

Thesuccess of these companies weighs heavily upon their ruthlessmarketing strategies, but also requires some partnership in crime.And for the latter they go looking to: doctors, ad agencies, themedia and, lastly, the government.

Anotherrequirement would be the fact that none of the involved partiescould, bluntly put, care less for what happens to the citizen upontreatment by these drugs. Namely, these drugs have been one of themain factors influencing the steadily declining mental and physicalhealth the nation has been gliding into for some time now. And whatkind of a person would do such a thing to his fellow human for nofurther gain, and no higher purpose, than mere profit? A dishonest person.

Andone can only deduct one sad conclusion from all of the above. Thegovernment simply does not care. Namely these entries are driven bymen who simply do not care about anything else but profit. And yetthey assume to have our best interests at stake.

Conclusively,this realization may well be the first one that could lead to actionswith the slightest of glimpses of common sense as their driving factors.

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