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How to lose a pound a day

The safest and most effective ways

When it comes to the safest strategy one should take up, it involves shedding off the excessive weight by introducing small changes to one’s daily diet, and by taking up physical activity but not overdoing it. So, keep it all moderate. This is, of course, acceptable for those people who have some time to spear every day, but for those who cannot do so, there are also ways to lose one pound a day but without having to invest all that time.

Of course, the initial step is to visit a doctor and consult him/her about the healthiest and most effective steps that one should take in order not to turn a quick loss of weight into a genuine nightmare. The main reason for the necessity of this visit is the fact that in freeing oneself from greater amounts of weight in such a short period of time has the potential to induce a number of unwanted complications, as well as to lead to certain quite serious illnesses and disorders. Even though one has at his/her disposal a number of medical solutions at hand either in the form of pills or diet regimes, regarded as the most beneficial and least dangerous way is to shed weight completely naturally. If a person is not obese and if there are no serious issues with weight, then it is highly advisable not to overdo it, but to limit the entire weight loss to only one pound a week, since this will be sufficient.

Factors that facilitate weight loss

A lot of physical activity/exercise – translated into numbers, one pound amounts to 3,500 calories. Having an average person in mind, s/he is known to burn 2,000 calories per day, which leaves one with additional 1,500 calories waiting to be burned. The most effective and helpful exercises, in this regard, are jogging, skipping and, of course, walking.

The more fluids the better – in order to additionally facilitate and boost the entire weight loss process, drinking plenty of fluids is another must. What they do is keep a person well hydrated, as well as promote sweating that aids the body in the cleansing process, thus making it much easier to get rid of those dangerous toxins. If one wants to remain well hydrated at all times, it is crucial to drink at least two or three liters of water on a daily basis.

Healthy diet – it should be based on consumption of as many nutrients as possible, but leaving out the calories.

Those food varieties that are to be kept aside include fast and processed food, red meat and sugar in any form imaginable.  

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