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Cradle cap in infants


Cradle cap is, as its name already says, one of the most common skin infections that affect the small children, especially the newborns. It is, actually, the kind of a skin rash, that is usually located over the baby’s scalp and it is manifested as the yellow, encrusted and oily spots. It is not so severe condition that can seriously disrupt the overall health of the newborn, but, since the most prominent characteristic of it is that it easily and rapidly extends over the nearby skin, the best thing to do is to start the treatment immediately.

Since the major provoker of the formation of these unsightly blemishes hasn’t been determined yet, it could be accepted as the syndrome related strictly to the newborns. From some reason, the function of the skin glands that secrete sebum gets disrupted, and most probably because of the direct influence of the mother’s hormones. And, that is why the only option is to lessen the signs and consequences of this inflammatory process.

The treatment

However, if not treated, these oily spots with the dead skin flakes attached may become red and inflamed, and it can lead to the permanent hair loss. Also, the problem could be more complicated if the baby is prone to an allergic response, if there is the possibility of some hereditary skin disease.

When it comes to discovering whether this problem is present or not, rather a holistic approach is used by the physician.

As far as the treatment is concerned, the topically intended medications and remedies are often recommended. However, the key to the most effective appliance is to extend the healing agent over the scalp carefully, in order to avoid any damage to the affected part of the skin. The most effective are the remedies based on the oils that are rich in minerals, which improve the process of the regeneration. However, the dead skin must be removed first of all and some kind of the exfoliating method should be performed concerning that matter. For example, the oil is to be put over the scalp by actually massaging it into the skin, before washing the hair with warm water and the mild shampoo which cannot irritate the baby’s skin.

Also very beneficial is the jelly based on the petroleum, which should be put to stay on the scalp over the night time and the dead skin could be removed by a gentle brush after waking up the baby. Also, after this treatment, the scalp should be washed, but it should be done only once on a daily basis. The most effective are the shampoos based on ketonazole and the most popular homemade remedy is the masque based on the sodium bicarbonate.

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