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The Actual Numbers

Statistics, even though usually useful,can be false and based on presumptions or uncertain datapredominantly. The same goes for the number of people living with HIVworldwide. According to recent research, about 39.5 million peoplelived with HIV last year. This year, however, the number seems tohave decreased to 33.2 million. This can be a sign of improvement ora piece of good news. However, this is hardly possible since more andmore people are getting affected by HIV. This has lead many people tothink that a mistake is at stake here and that all previous datahas not been true.

As the analysis of this problem gotcloser to clues, it was realized that the way UN and other healthorganizations are getting the information necessary for thesestatistics is hardly adequate. Namely, all they do is base theirinformation on guesses and estimations. Hardly all HIV positivepeople are tested or have ever been tested. In many countries, peopledie of this illness, without even being diagnosed. Therefore, thevery treatment system needs to be bettered and people should betested worldwide, regardless of their status or the status of theircountry, in order for us to get the real data necessary for havingactual conclusions based on facts.

Changes Needing to be Made

During the previous research, all thedata was collected from clinics. However, there are numerous housetests done which also bear important results. Moreover, many peoplenever reach hospitals. Thus, more surveys are needed in order to haveactual, true data. Blood samples, additional investments and a betterhealth organization is necessary for this to be possible.

A revision of this type was done inIndia, not so long ago and the results were devastating, showingthat, instead of previously predicted 3 million, there were 6 millionpeople with HIV.

Aids and HIV need to be takenseriously. On the contrary, money collected by charity organizationsin order for people suffering from these mass killers never reachesthem. Rather, only small percentage of this money is invested intreatments, tests and analysis. All the rest is misused, stolen orspent on something else. We need to be aware of these things, sincethe governments are obviously doing little to help and more to makematters worse, providing us with false data while the world aroundus, unfortunately, proves us otherwise.

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