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One South Dakota mom woke up during the night on Sunday, and found a stranger in her home... breastfeeding her two-month old baby in her bedroom! Thankfully, the mom got her baby back from the woman with little problem, but the intruder than went to sleep on her bed until the police arrived to arrest her.

The woman whose home was broken into phoned 911 at around 5 am, saying a woman she didn't know entered her home and was found breastfeeding her two-month old. According to Brooking police Lt. Derrick Powers, the woman who entered and tried to breastfeed a strange baby may have been under the influence of alcohol. He said: "After [the resident] called the police, she found the suspect lying in her bed." Interestingly enough, the suspect later identified as Rebecca Silva from Brookings says that the woman of the house met her the night before the incident, invited her in, and gave her something to wear. She denies breastfeeding the woman's baby as well.

Silva said: "I did not break into her house. She invited me in. She gave me her pajamas. She lied to the cops that I broke into her house. I did not try to feed her baby. That didn't happen." A court date has now been set for April 30. I'll be interested to see what comes of this, because it is a highly bizarre story. I think everyone who has children can relate to how it must feel like to find someone you don't know in your home, nursing your baby. Cross nursing is one thing, but drunk psychos doing it without your consent is quite another. Still, we may have to leave some space for the possibility that the suspect's side of the story carries some of the truth as well.

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