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Facts about Lice

Lice are a common problem in the worldand a lot of people gets them every now and then, due to variousdifferent reasons. This is why many people are curious about lice andwonder where do these tiny pests come from. In fact there are morethan one ways of getting lice. Usually, however, they are transferredfrom one person to another, even though there are many other ways ofbeing affected by them.

Once you have lice, they lay eggs inyour hair shaft. These eggs hatch in about ten days, producing younglice which inhabit your hair and cause many problems in the area.Namely, some of the most common hardships of having lice involvesitching, irritation of the head area or even complete hair loss inthe worst cases possible. One should be very careful since lice eggsare often misinterpreted to be dandruff. However, once thesecreatures establish themselves on your scalp, they are likely to staythere for their whole 50 day lifespan, unless you get rid of thembefore that.

How Can One Get Lice?

There are many ways of getting infectedby lice. One of the main ways is through physical contact with peoplewho are already contaminated. Thereby, if you share a comb or clotheswith a person who has lice, you are likely to have them tooafterwards. These organisms cannot come and find you like fleas do,since lice cannot fly and can only reach you through someone orsomething. Also, once you hug a person with lice you are likely toget them yourself. When your scalp does get infected, lice will bethere for 8 hours until they die. Still, they will hatch their eggswhich will be there for about 10 days until the new lice are born.

How Can Lice Be Treated?

The best way do deal with lice iseither to remove them physically, along with their eggs, or to usecertain shampoos which can be purchased without prescription. Yet,due to a high chemical presence in the latter, you are advised not touse excessive amounts.

Nevertheless, timely action is neededto stop the lice from multiplying and spreading onto otherindividuals. Therefore, you need to react and have them removed assoon as you notice the symptoms. If left neglected, lice can attackyour eyebrows and other bodily hair, creating even more problems.

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