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Pubic lice also known as crabs are parasites that live in genital area. Sexual contact is the way of transmission. Still there is possibility that disease is spread by mutual usage of contaminated towels, clothes or even bed sheets. These parasites are mainly attached to pubic hair. However other parts of the body may contain lice as well. These include armpits, mustache, beard, eyebrows and so. Animals cannot get infected therefore they cannot be the source of parasites. If these parasites are found in children's genital area this may point to sexual abuse.

As pubic lice suck human's blood they lead to itching sensations. Itching is the common symptoms and it affects area where lice are situated.

Additionally the feeling of something crawling on the skin may be patognomonic for pubic lice. If someone feels these sensations he or she is ought to look for potential crabs in the itching area.

The good thing is that the adult lice are big enough to be seen. One may notice adult forms of the parasite and actually set the diagnosis him/ herself. The color of lice may vary from white to black and not all of them are noticeable so if a person does not see the actual parasite this does not mean it is not present.

One more obvious clue that can point to pubic lice is eggs. Eggs are attached to pubic hair. The egg's coloration may be brown, black or yellow. Eggs can even be white or semi-transparent. As well as the parasites the eggs can be present in different areas besides the genital area.

A person may notice tiny little marks on the skin. These bluish or blackish dots represent traces of previous bites. They are not present in all cases but if there are any that can be rather helpful sign.

If one partner found the traces of lice or they are evident on the skin he or she should warn sexual partner and they both need to be given therapy. All people must be aware of the possible transmission of these parasites and know how to recognize the symptoms of the disease.

These parasites are treated rather easily. A special shampoo is applied onto the affected area. The area of infection should be washed frequently; eggs have to be removed with fingernails. After every treatment with creams and shampoo clean underwear is essential. All the remaining eggs and adult forms of parasites can be destroyed in washing machine at the temperature of 130 °F.

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