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People who suffer from arthritis know how preciousmedications are to them, because regardless of the type of this progressive anddegenerative disease, pain is one of the main characteristics. Numerous drugs canhelp in keeping the pain under control or relieving it, but besides them, thosethat have the potential to reduce inflammation also need to be used in the majorityof cases. Medications are practically inevitable when it comes to this disease,and even those who try to live without them and manage the pain in some otherway will soon realize that it is not possible because no other method is evennearly as effective as medications. If the pain is not managed adequately, itwill seriously influence a person’s life in a negative way.

Medications for arthritis pain

When it comes to arthritis, among the most frequentlyprescribed medications are analgesics, NSAIDs, steroids and disease-modifyinganti-rheumatic drugs.

Analgesics are only used for pain relief and everyoneusually begins with paractamol, since it is considered to be the safest. Those painrelievers that are stronger need to be prescribed by the doctor and cannot beobtained over the counter. What every patient should be aware of is that thisgroup of medications can cause addiction, which is a reason more to use themonly when really needed. What is also available is painkilling patch, whichonly has to be placed on the skin in order to relive the pain in the periodfrom 3 to even 7 days.NSAIDs have dual action, because they relieve the pain andreduce swelling and inflammation of the joints at the same time. However, numerous side effectsare associated with their use on the long run, which is why people should becareful about them.Steroids are helpful when inflammation needs to be reduced,and they are also available in the form of injection. However, a number of sideeffects is associated with them as well, which is why the treatment is startedwith the lowest dosage which is effective. What is important about them is thattheir use should not be stopped all of a sudden.Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs have the potential toslow down the progression of arthritis, regardless of its type, and to diminishdamage that is a direct result of it. Due to the seriousness of their possibleside effects, people should be careful and make sure not to use them before thediagnosis is set.

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