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Implantation bleeding

Another name for this condition is the implantation spotting, it occurs very scantly and it is not the menstrual cycle. The implantation spotting typically appears several days before the onset of the menstruation and it is normal during pregnancies.

While many women know that the scarce vaginal bleeding can occur a week before the beginning of the menstruation, there are many women who do not know that the implantation spotting also occurs when the fertilized egg ingrows into the wall of the womb. It is estimated that about 33% of women are aware that the implantation bleeding as the symptom of the pregnancy. In the view of these facts, many women often wonder about the color of the implantation spotting.

The color of the implantation bleeding

When a woman experience vaginal bleeding, she often wonders whether it is just the menstruation or the implantation spotting. Nevertheless, the color of these two conditions is different and therefore, it is the main indicator if it is the menses or the implantation spotting. If the color of the vaginal bleeding is pinkish or brownish, and if only a spot or a couple of spots appears, then it is the implantation bleeding, which usually indicates the first stage of pregnancy. This scarce pinkish or brownish vaginal bleeding is certainly not a menstrual cycle.

The endometrial lining is where the fertilized egg is implanted and the endometrium is formed out of the tissues and blood. When the egg ingrows there, it happens that a small amount of blood separates from the endometrium and it is afterwards ejected from the body. Thus, the implantation bleeding occurs. However, the implantation blood takes time to be ejected, which is why it is not fresh anymore and appears somewhat pinkish or brownish. Since the vaginal spotting is very scarce, many women do not even notice it.

The implantation spotting occurs between the sixth and twelfth day since the fertilization and it may last only for several minutes or even for five days maximally, but it is very rare. In most cases, if the implantation spotting is scant and if only a spot appears, it is typically brownish in color. On the other side, when the vaginal bleeding is a little bit larger, then the color of it is pinkish. In the majority of cases, the implantation spotting is accompanied by the abdominal cramping and bloating. The implantation spotting is a quite natural occurrence and it does not affect the embryo.

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