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There is a whole array of medications to take if you are unfortunately suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Usually most patients when diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome are given an anti spasmodic type drug. Some patients have been given a low-dose of an antidepressant, some have said they use an anti-diarrheal medicine a number of people have been given a laxative and now on the market are Zelnorm, Lotronex, and Amitiza which are the new drugs for irritable bowel syndrome patients.

Every irritable bowel syndrome patient has different symptoms so as you can imagine there are many varieties of medication for this condition. There are also some great home remedies that are naturally treating the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. All medicines given out for the treatment of IBS are only treating the symptoms they do not deal with the underlying brain-bowels dysfunction so most drugs will simply have to be a trial and error for you to find out which works best for your symptoms. IBS hypnotherapy is now on the market and claims to be a cure for irritable bowel syndrome.

The unfortunate fact is that there is one drug that provides relief for all symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome because some people have constipation while others suffer with diarrhea. So to find out exactly what works for you, you will probably need months of trial and errors which cause most irritable bowel syndrome patients to get aggravated about the lack of knowledge and decent treatment available. As mentioned earlier in the article there are some home remedies you can try if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome such as if you tend to suffer from diarrhea or constipation then try a soluble fiber supplement to add to your diet, perhaps consult your GP on the amount. If your symptoms are pain, spasms, and cramps then go ahead a try a medicinal strength peppermint. Some patients complain of bloating and gas so attempt a medicinal strength fennel.

More often than not most doctors will prescribe an anti spasmodic drug like Donnatal, Levsin, Levbid, NuLev, Bentyl, and Pro-Banthine either in a sublingual form which means to dissolves under your tongue or an oral form which means to swallow a pill in whole. Both of these will slow down the guts response to food and to stress and should be taking approximately half an hour prior to eating any food and used no more than four times in one day.There really is not any drug which is specific for constipation in IBS however milk of magnesia will encourage the stimulation of the bowel.

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