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Health insurance plan called Medicare has few different parts and in order to choose the best for you, you have to get familiar with the offered plans and learn as much as you can about them. We will focus on one part of the Medicare health insurance and that is Part B.Part B and Premiums

Premium must be met for this part of the Medicare, but help can be received if you qualify for it in your state of residence. In other cases, the premium will be taken out from the Social Security, Railroad Retirement, or Civil Service Retirement check. There is also an option called Medicare Easy Pay and it allows you to pay premiums every quarter. This can also be done via electronic payment option. The income of the individual will determine the premium and this is the way in which the things work from the year 2007.

Part B Medicare

Part B is a health insurance program that covers outpatient services, doctor appointments, occupational therapy some health centers, physical therapy and other services. This Medicare part can be taken only by those who have certain requirements. Preventive services will also be covered by this insurance. Part B health insurance plan is basically a Part A with some extra services, like some tests, preventive care and a few others. But not all Part A services are included in the Part B, so it is best to get familiar with the services that this health plan provides.

We will see now which are the services provided by the Part B health insurance. Part B includes preventive services (such as health exams, lab tests immunizations and others), lab services (such as urinalysis and blood tests) along with the preventive cardiovascular screening tests (like testing for lipids, cholesterol level and triglycerides every five years) and annual glaucoma tests. Bone mass can be measured on every two years, while diabetic training classes, screenings (for those with obesity, high blood pressure or sugar) and diabetic supplies (like test strips, lancets and others) are also covered. This insurance plan covers colorectal cancer screenings (annual occult blood test, flexible sigmoidoscopy on every four years, colonoscopy every ten years and others) and other screenings, lab tests and testing.

Home Health Care, Hospital Visits and Doctor

Home health care is also included and it provides medical social services, speech language pathology, physical therapy, home health aid services and occupational therapy. Walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, oxygen and other medical equipment are included as well. Part B covers ambulance service, emergency room visits, chiropractic services for fixing dislocated spine bones and ambulatory surgery center. This health plan also covers blood received during the outpatient visit, certain clinic trials, eyeglasses after cataract surgery and the "The Welcome to Medicare" exam.

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