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Information on Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans are actually private healthinsurance policies which are closely related to health insurance and they areactually intended as supplements to the Original Medicare plan. The MedicalSupplement Plan is pretty much similar to deductibles and coinsurance because itsmain goal is to help in covering up certain health care costs or perhapsfilling up the gaps which sometimes may be left aside by the Original Medicareplan. Medicare Supplement plans are also sometimes referred to as the Medigappolicies because in some cases they can cover the gaps between the coverageprovided by the policy of the Original Medicare plans and the actual cost whichcan be paid. If a person wants to be enrolled for a Medigap policy, he or sheneeds to be a beneficiary of the Original Medicare plan, either Part B or PartA, because that is the only way of purchasing a Medigap policy. Medigappolicies cannot be obtained separately.


If a person is in the Original Medicare plan, then he or shemay purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan as well. Both of these policies pay forthe predetermined share of health care costs. Medigap policies cannot be soldby government organizations because they are private types of health insuranceplans, so one needs to go to a private insurance company in order to purchaseit. One must also be aware of the fact that there are 12 differentsupplementary plans which are labeled with letters A through L. All thedifferent types of supplementary plans with corresponding letters provide adifferent policy of coverage and different types of benefits. All differentinsurance companies must provide the same coverage and benefits as all theothers, when it comes to all particularly labeled types of Medicare SupplementPlans.

The Medicare Plan A is the basic one, and all of itsbenefits are commonly included in most Medicare Supplement Plans and they arealso usually accompanied by certain additional types of benefits. One mustalways choose a plan very careful so that it fits the personal preferences andneeds. An insurance agent may be of great help when it comes to choosing theright policy. It is also wise to keep in mind that different companies may havedifferent rates for the policies. All the plans from B to J provide some extrabenefits, which especially goes for the plans J and F.

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