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In the following text, we will talk about the Medicare Part C and the meaning of the terms HMO and PPO. Also, we will focus on the Medicare and explain what is covered by this term. There are three parts of the Medicare that we will talk about in this article apart from the Part C, and they are Part A, which covers the hospital inpatient, Part B, which covers the laboratory, ambulance, visits from the doctor and several other fees, and Part D, which covers the prescription drugs.

Plan C

Medicare advantage plan is associated with Primary Medical Doctor and one of its parts is a Part C. All needs associated with medicine and referred to the specialist will be handled by the mentioned doctor, and it is up to you to decide who will be the doctor. You will be given a group and you will have to stay in this group. In the C Part, you will get the Parts A and B and there may be some areas of the Part D, you will pay less then you would if you had all of these parts separately. Monthly charge will have to be set and you will pay this to the insurance company of your choice. You will save money by taking Part B, while prescription drugs will be covered by the Part D. There are a lot of options available and by choosing the right one, you will surely save some money. To do this, we advise you to contact Medicare or Social Security, which will help you make the right decision. Every visit by the doctor will be met if you take up the Part C.

Let’s see what the mentioned abbreviations mean. The PPO stands for the preferred provider organization and it provides higher costs, but you will have a doctor at your disposal, while the HMO stands for the health maintenance organization, which means that you will be covered for facilities and doctor fees in the selected organization. These are two options if you opt for the Part C and this choice will be up to you. As mentioned, help can be received from the Medicare or Social Security if you are not sure which of the two to take. These are some of the basic information on the Medicare Part C, and we hope to have shed some light on the issue and helped with the trouble you might have had in the past regarding the Medicare health insurance.

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