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One of quite lucrative callings in recent times is certainly being a podiatrist. Podiatrists were earlier referred to as chiropodists. However, today they are called doctors of podiatric medicine. Speaking of the best countries to be a podiatrist in, we have to mention Australia, Singapore and Canada, where one can make quite a living from this job.

Description of Podiatrist's Line of Work

These people are often called foot doctors, since they deal with various foot ailments. So, basic problems they face daily are corns, ingrown nails and calluses.

However, muscle and bone disorders affecting the feet are also problems which podiatrists can mend. They are trained to give precise diagnosis and treat the troublesome feet to their former glory. Moreover, podiatrists can specialize in a certain branch of their profession, like sports medicine, surgery and pediatrics.

Before the problem is diagnosed, X-ray scans are often done, as well as other tests of this type, including urine and blood analysis. Once the reasons behind the feet problems of the patient are revealed, adequate treatment procedure is put to action. During their education, podiatrists study pharmacology, which allows them to prescribe medications and treat infections or cysts, removing pain or swelling as well.

What they also specialize in is treatment of wounds on these body parts. They know how to deal with the patient's requests and necessities, as well as the health complications affecting their feet. However, this is not the limit of a podiatrist's profession. Some of these people are capable of helping people with deformities or fractures by providing them with suitable casts, prosthetics, straps, belts and other means of treatment.

Furthermore, they might even perform surgeries, remove tumors, fix shortened tendons, joint problems and other such issues. They are often in contact with other doctors and physicians, referring their patients to them or seeking opinion and support.

The Income and the Education

In order to become a podiatrist, you need to finish an accredited college program or complete a 4 year official degree program. You will need to take a special Medical College Admission Test before you enroll.

The first two years of education are based on general medical knowledge acquiring. However, the last two ones introduce subjects like biomechanics, anesthesiology and pharmacology.

Once you have completed everything, you are ready to start your own business or seek employment. The average salary of a podiatrist can reach from $90,000 to amazing $150,000 a year. Naturally, more experience gives you chances of increased income, with chances of earning up to $200,000 or more a year.

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