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What is a clinical psychologist?

Anyone can suffer from depression and for a variety of reasons. One may be unhappy as a result of one's academic performance, relationship problems, family issues, bereavement or countless other issues that can cause stress and upset. Depression can be tough to cope with and can affect our lives in several different ways. It may be hard to face these problems, but often all that is required is some help and support from those around you. Clinical psychologists enable people to solve their own problems and strive to help people be pro-active in combating their emotional problems.

The job of a clinical psychologist can be challenging, but this means it can also be exciting since psychologists will be required to adapt and adjust to each new patient and problem that he or she faces. In material terms, clinical psychology can be a well paid job, with salaries starting at around $50,000. Role and Responsibilities

The role of a clinical psychologist can vary depending on their working environment. Those who work with children will clearly need to take a different approach to psychology than psychologists working in, for instance, drug rehabilitation centers. However, certain responsibilities are common to all.

Clinical psychologists will usually interview their patients with a view to comprehending the patient's needs. Through dialogue and other types of tests, they will attempt to understand and assess the patient's behaviour and attitude. Should a psychologist believe or establish that a patient suffers from neurological problems, he or she will subject the patient to various psychometric tests in order to improve the patient's condition.

Upon correct diagnosis, the psychologist will decide on an appropriate behaviour modification program for each patient, as well as implementing a treatment or therapy course for the patient. This therapy will require monitoring and so it is necessary for the psychologist to maintain a record of the patient's progress in order to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

The psychologist is also required to keep other records concerning the patient, such as his background, medical condition and other administrative information.

In addition to this, regular psychotherapy and psychotherapy sessions may be part of the clinical psychologists tasks. It is important also for the psychologist to maintain good working relationships with order medical workers, like psychiatrists, doctors and social workers. Interaction with loved ones or those close to the patient will also usually be necessary on the part of the psychologist.

Academically, a clinical psychologist will have to undertake research studies on mental health.

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