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Because clinical psychologists are highly on demand, these job prospects are very good. This is one of those kinds of a carrier where you can make a difference in other people lives.There are times in life when other people like family and friends can’t help you solve your problems. In those situations, a person who you address is a clinical psychologist. Clinical psychologists are trained to help others solve their difficulties. Their job description requires them to look into the matter as objectively as possible, and treat the person accordingly.Who is a Clinical Psychologist?

To be a clinical psychologist, one must be a person who is brave enough to guide others through solving their difficulties in life and not to be biased but to think objectively while helping others. Average day of a clinical psychologist consists of meeting clients, heaving psychotherapy sessions, group therapy sessions, listening to their problems without being judgmental and giving them the right treatment and right advice. Clinical psychologists must be skilled enough to listen to their patients and through conversation with them find an underlying cause of all their problems.

How to become a Clinical Psychologist?

To be a clinical psychologist it is required to possess a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology with a license for a public service. One will first need to enroll in a Bachelor of Science in Psychology course, which is generally of four-year duration. With the bachelor degree, one can be deployed as an assistant to a licensed clinical psychologist in mental care facility. One can further move on to a master’s degree. If one is thinking of becoming the full-fledged psychologist, one will need to possess a Ph.D. or Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree. For gaining that degree, four to seven years of postgraduate work is required along with a year's internship.If one wants to obtain the license for independent practice, one must have a doctorate degree, a full internship period, two years of work experience, and a relevant exam. It is important to consider that licensing laws differ from state to state.When one becomes a clinical psychologist, him/her is required to have minimum 40 hours of work per week. Furthermore, one has to keep in touch with the latest changes in the field of clinical psychology. To summarize, job of a clinical psychologist is to help those who are mentally or emotionally challenged to settle back into society by providing them with group or individual psychotherapy.

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