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Water Retention

Edema or water retention happens because of the water leakage to the tissue and blood cells from the bloodstream. The water circulation occurs in every part of the human body and the lymphatic processes are responsible for the removal of excess water. The water can be retained by the tissue if the drainage of the fluid is impaired. Locations on the body such as feet, legs and hands, are the first body parts in which the water retention can be detected. There are two types of water retention (generalized and localized) and they are determined by the cause of the retention. Water retention in a specific body part is associated with the localized water retention, while the whole body swells up due to the generalized water retention. In the following lines, we will focus on the removal of this problem and the remedies that can help in this situation.

Natural Remedies

Treatment cannot precede diagnosis, so the first thing to do is to visit a doctor and get a proper diagnose. There is a chance that some other medical condition is causing water retention and in this situation, the medical condition has to be treated. Also there are some medications that can help, but the exact cause needs to be discovered. Also, if the treatment requires considerable time, there are health tips to be followed. Now we will see which natural remedies can help. Salt is one of the possible causes of the problem, so its intake should be reduced. Salt can make things worse, so try to avoid salty foods, such as potato chips or processed meat. Also, it is important to include a good health plan. Some foods can make the swelling worse and cause bigger problems. Alcohol, coffee, tea, caffeinated beverages and other beverages that cause dehydration should be avoided, but items such as cabbage, tomato and cranberry juice need to be included due to their diuretic properties, along with the vitamin C and A rich foods. Mineral deficiency, such as, the lack of calcium and potassium, can make the problem worse, so try to include foods rich with these minerals, like raisins and bananas. Also, you can use mineral supplements if the retention is a result of menstrual cycle. Stress can aggravate the retention, so try to include a good stress management. Water retention problem can be decreased by daily workout lasting 30 minutes and this will remove toxins. See a doctor if some medical condition is the cause of the water retention. Alteration of life habits must be included, so if some liver disorder is to be blamed for the water retention, alcohol must be avoided in order to reduce the swelling. Also try to drink a lot of water because water retention almost never happens to a well hydrated body.

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