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The Vegetarian and Vegan Attitude

Being vegetarian is more than just following a certain pattern of behavior and nutrition. It requires you to gain a knowledge about every single product out there, knowing whether to choose it for your own nutrition or to discharge it completely, due to its animal origin or unhealthy characteristics.

Moreover, vegetarians need to have insight into the production of certain food and drinks, since things may not be what they seem when you read the labels. For example, during the production of white sugar, animal bones are used for whitening processes. Also, numerous soy cheeses have animal milk proteins used for maintaining their texture. Therefore, you need to keep your eyes and ears wide open and know everything when it comes to food production. Vegetarianism is a way of life, not a trend. Thus, you need to live it and stand up to the challenge of changing the world.

Speaking of drinks, many people do not know that, during some cases of wine production, many animal factors are involved. Some wine producers use fish bladders or egg whites in the process. Others use boiled animal bones and connective tissue during the refining process. Luckily, there are wines which are produced without a single animal being harmed or a harmful chemical being used. Therefore, you need to know where and how to find pure, vegan wine and opt for it, settling for nothing else than perfect, natural products, sitting on your dining table.

The Vegan Level of Awareness

Once you decide to purchase only naturally made wines, you need to avoid great supermarkets and similar providers. Namely, these buy wine from different, smaller producers, blending them all together later. Thus, you are better off with searching for small, independent wine cellars or wineries, contacting them directly or inquiring about their production methods online. Investigate, research and make sure you buy only from the sources you trust to be genuine.

Beer drinkers should be on the lookout too. While US beers are vegan-safe, British ones are known to contain gelatin, or some other animal-based ingredients during the production process. Also, you are completely safe with Belgian beers, since these are completely natural.

Basically, living as a vegetarian or a vegan means being smart about these factors and the quality of products around you. So, choose only completely natural food and drinks, free of animal-based additives or chemicals. All it takes is a bit of an effort. Yet, knowing that you are being true to yourself, your planet and your beliefs is priceless.

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