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The Miracle of Birth

Giving birth is one of the most precious things human race can have, a divine ability, granted only to women. However, many would not agree that there are divine factors connected to the pain and suffering they have experienced during the process of giving birth. This is to be expected since women react differently towards the process of giving birth.

Mainly, some cope with the pregnancy and the labor better than some other. Thereby, in the hospital, it is normal that, once she has given birth, a mother does not desire to see her child before they go home. Also, it is completely normal that a new mother, while still in hospital, does not want anyone to touch her new baby since she never lets it out of her hands.

All in all, during pregnancy and after labor, the female body undergoes numerous hormonal changes and imbalances, making one prone to acting strange. However, this is all normal and is a normal part of the process called life. Once she has given birth, a woman moves from a “labor mode” to a “lactating mode”. Thus, all the changes in her body take place so that she could manage that. This, of course does not always go according to plan. However, as long as the body is changing adequately, providing your child with all the nutrients he/she needs, you can have sudden bouts of tears, sorrow or happiness and these can hardly be harmful.

The Mystery of Birth and Having a Child

Every parent reacts to parenting in a unique way. Also, every child is unique. Therefore, we cannot expect that everyone will behave the same. Some babies are calmer than the others and vice-versa. Additionally, when they are born, a lot of babies have their heads cone shaped, or are red, or have some other, interesting, features. However, do not be afraid, since all these will turn to normal. Rather, give your little, strange, new angel all the love you have.

Finally, during your child's life, you both may have ups and downs. The little bundle of love comes with no instructions at all, and everything about it is up to you. Some parents are good with bringing up babies, some with dealing with teenagers, and some are good at all aspects of parenting. Still, just because you cannot stand your child's thousand questions, do not think that you are a bad parent. Children are specific and you will learn how to deal with everything they have in store for you. Remember, the moment you gave birth, you have already become a omniscient hero, waiting for all the life of your child to flourish.

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