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Wrong diagnose is a problem that can be found all around us more than we would like. Yeast infection is a problem that can pose a great problem, but if it is detected and diagnosed correctly, it can also be eliminated. The treatment most people who have yeast infection conduct is self-medication with some over-the-counter medications, but there are so many other medical conditions that cause symptoms similar to those of the yeast infection. So you might think that you have yeast infection and even treat it at home, but the truth is that you have something completely different. One of the conditions that can easily be confused with yeast infection is bacterial vaginosis. To this condition, we can add flexural psoriasis and bacterial intertrigo. The correct diagnosis must be made and to do this, every piece of information about the yeast infection you can find will prove beneficial. If the correct diagnosis is not set, you might have a medical issue you are not aware of and many complications can develop since you are not treating the correct problem.


Yeast infection can be caused by few candida fungus types. Areas of the body like vagina, intestine and rectum are places where candida is mostly located, although it can be found on every region of the body. The immune system plays the biggest part in controlling the amount of the candida in our body, but the control can slip away for several reasons and the candida will start to increase in number, causing a lot of problems. The most common causes of this are improper immune system and mental stress, or antibiotic use leading to death of the beneficial bacteria. Also, improper diet and bad nutrition can cause the increase of candida in the human system. When this fungus starts to rise in number, it will enter the tissue and then the blood, thus reaching every part of the human body. So, the infection can be systematic or local.


The body areas that are suffering from the infection will experience development of lesions, along with the discharge from the penis or vagina. Additional symptoms include itching, burning sensation and rash. You will have to focus on the systemic signs if you want to make the correct diagnosis and not mistaken yeast infection for some other condition. So watch out for the food allergies, sinus issues, vision blurring fatigue and many others. In order to see if you have a yeast infection and how sever it is, take a glass of water once you wake up and put some of your saliva in it.

Remember that you cannot eat or drink after you wake up and place the saliva. For the next hour, check the water for string which will go downwards on every 15 minutes. If you have an infection, the strings will be present. More serious cases of yeast infection have strings that travel all the way down, while mild cases will not. The yeast infection has to be treated since otherwise it will cause systemic damage to your body, making it weak and inflicting pain. Holistic treatment option introduces removal of toxins from the body, making the immune strong by using mineral and vitamin supplements, stress management and proper lifestyle and diet. This is a natural and very effective solution for the yeast infection problem.

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