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Mental Retardation

This problem is commonly associated with intellectual ability, but there is adifference. Independent life is something that those with mental retardation cannothave, while those with intellectual disability can. They both have low IQ in common.Mentally retarded children will have more problems than the ones withintellectual disability. The intellectual disability children can learn a lotabout life, which can reduce the future problem. This cannot be done by thechildren with mental retardation. We will talk about the problem of mentalretardation and present few facts in order to make them easier forunderstanding.


The fact is that seven million people live in America and 3 % of the entirepopulation suffer from mental retardation. The cases of mental retardation arediverse, even when children and adults are compared. The state of mentalretardation cannot be imaginary. Some think that this comes from the person andthat he or she is just imagining that mental retardation is present, but thisis not true. This cannot be a figment of imagination. It is an illness, a braindisorder and it is not invented by anyone. Some say that persons with this problemcan be dangerous and violent, but that is not always the case. Their reactionsmay be a bit odd, but they are normal when we take their learning capabilitiesand emotional quotient in consideration. Providing them with love and care willease the effect of their dangerous look.

We have mentioned that this is anillness. But sometimes it is not. The decreased intellectual capacity isconstant and persons with this problem need care and appropriate education.This problem is not contagious and it cannot be transferred in any way. Theasylums are a possibility, but since mental retardation can be diverse, notevery case is for asylum. Asylum is only for the serious cases. Learningabilities of these persons are impaired, but they can learn. They can increasethe cognitive skills, thinking ability and motor skill, which will make themmore prepared to function in the world. This can be done with vocationaltraining.

One of the common beliefs is that mental retardation can beprevented and this can be true. There are some causes of the mental retardation.They are Rh factor, toxoplasmosis, meningitis and German measles among pregnantfemales. To this list we can add chromosomal abnormalities, which are problemsthat a good hygiene and care can prevent. There are many myths about this problemand they can make diagnosing the problem almost impossible. Proper diagnose can onlybe made by the doctor. We hope we have shed some light on popular misconceptionsand we advise you to treat these people with love so that they can be accepted in thecommunity.

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