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Time to go to the pediatric dentist

Time to go to the Pediatric Dentist

A Brief Introduction:

Many parents are uncertain of when it is time to take their child to their dentist. For the most part, parents know that it is necessary to brush thrice a day, but serious dental care relies upon more than just flossing.

When Should I Start My Child's Oral Care?

An interesting fact is that dental care starts even before a child's teeth have actually emerged from the gums, which is why it is not at all a bad idea to start (gently) flossing even before the teeth have visibly grown out of the gums – and one should go about doing so by simply running a dam washcloth over the baby's teeth almost immediately after feeding, which will in turn prevent the bacteria from gathering up.

The First Tooth Brush and Consulting Your Pediatric Dentist

It is only when the teeth are already visible that it is necessary to start gently brushing with a child's tooth brush and alternatively rubbing the teeth with gauze in the evening. Many parents are gravely mistaken by believing that there is not a chance for their babies to have dental problems and are prone to neglecting their child's dental care. Uncertain parents should never be ashamed of consulting their pediatric dentist for tips on their child's oral hygiene, because after all – preventing oral health and dental problems is not only their specialty but also their obligation.

What Else are My Child's Pediatric Dentist Obligations?

Aside from giving tips, another one of the pediatric dentist's jobs and moral obligations is maintaining the child's teeth clean and healthy, so scheduling routine checkups is also in order.

Further on, one should be mindful of making daily oral health care a habit in order to make sure the child's teeth are clean and healthy for as long as it is up to the parent to make sure they are. And yes, this habit should resume even when your children become teenagers, because teenagers have all the rights of grown ups whilst resuming all the habits of children.

What of Their Oral Hygiene When they Leave Home?

And lastly, before the child has started caring for its own oral hygiene, it is the parent's absolute duty to make its habit to resume caring for its own oral hygiene as well as resume regular dentist visits.


An apple a day keeps the dentist away.

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