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The medical term for vomiting is emesis, and it is defined as a forceful throwing up of the stomach content through the mouth. Sometimes it can be done even through the nose. Vomiting or emesis usually appears as a warning sign of many diseases. In the majority of cases, it is preceded by another symptom and that is nausea. Vomiting is not always a serious condition. However, when one throws up blood together with the stomach content, it is extremely important to go and visit a doctor. Throwing up the blood is medically called hematemesis and this condition is very serious and even life-threatening.

Causes of throwing up blood

Several medical conditions are responsible for throwing up blood such as acute liver failure, hepatic fibrosis, duodenitis and gastritis, as well as pancreatitis. In the majority of cases when blood is thrown up, acute liver failure is the main cause of it.

Acute liver failure is not a common condition, but when it occurs, it is characterized by the progressive deterioration of the liver functions. This liver disorder is very rapid and the liver becomes damaged only after few days. One of the symptoms of this liver condition is vomiting blood. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted immediately.Hepatic fibrosis is well known as liver cirrhosis. When this liver disorder occurs, the liver has a scar tissue and cannot function normally. The most common symptoms of liver cirrhosis are hypertension, easy bruising, enlargement of stomach and liver veins, and vomiting blood.Throwing up blood may be caused by the inflammation of the duodenum, which is medically called duodenitis. This condition occurs due to many reasons, such as excessive stomach acidity and excessive consummation of many drugs. When duodenitis appears, one of the symptoms is throwing up blood along with stomach pain, loss of appetite, nausea and intestinal bleeding.Gastritis is the general term for a group of conditions whose main symptom is the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Gastritis may be induced by excessive consummation of certain drugs or alcohol, as well as by bacterial infection. The people who suffer from gastritis may experience swollen abdomen, loss of appetite and nausea, as well as vomiting blood.One of the most important glands in the human body is the pancreas. It has the role to secrete digestive enzymes and insulin. The inflammation of the pancreas is called pancreatitis and one of the symptoms of this condition is throwing up blood.

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