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The pancreas is the organ which hasa double role in the human body. One part of the pancreas produces insulin thatcontrols the level of the blood sugar, while the other part of this organ manufacturespancreatic juices that have enzymes necessary for the digestion ofthe foods we eat.

Pancreatitis is the name for inflammationof this important organ. When autolysis of the different tissues happens, itleads to the pancreas disorders like acute hemorrhage pancreatitis. This pancreasdisease is a serious condition and it can even cause death. If it is nottreated promptly, it can further lead to the occurrence of acute pancreaticnecrosis, where the Islets of Langerhans are damaged severely. Furthermore, acutepancreatic necrosis tends to induce diabetes mellitus. As we can see, the inflammation of thisorgan, as well as acute hemorrhage pancreatitis, can cause several serious conditions.For that reason, it is very important to identify the early symptoms of theseconditions and treat them right away.

Symptoms of acute hemorrhage pancreatitis

When acute pancreatitis occurs, thefirst signs of this pancreatic disorder are cardiovascular problems, such ascardiovascular shock and weak pulse rate, as well as constipation, nausea, fever andvomiting. Abdominal pain or abdominal tenderness are also some of the symptoms ofacute hemorrhage pancreatitis.

Causes of acute hemorrhagepancreatitis

In most cases, acute pancreatitis isthe main causative factor for the incidence of acute hemorrhage pancreatitis. Dependingon the severity of acute pancreatitis, the treatment is given. In those peoplewho have mild acute pancreatitis, the condition is treated either by fluid rehydration, orby nil by mouth. On the other hand, in severe cases, the patients must behospitalized to receive their therapy and there are even cases when the surgery isnecessary.

Acute hemorrhage pancreatitis mayalso be caused by any internal bleeding, like gastrointestinal bleeding andrectal bleeding. It is also regarded that the blood in urine and stool, as well asbruising, may be responsible for the pancreas problems. Moreover, one of the causes of acutehemorrhage pancreatitis is gallstones. Due to forming of the stones in thegallbladder, the stones may block the ducts and impair the normal flow of thepancreatic juices, thus resulting in the inflammation of the pancreas.

A direct injury to the pancreas, as well as pancreas cancer may also lead to the acute hemorrhage pancreatitis. Other possiblefactors that contribute to the appearance of this pancreas disease are excessive consummation ofalcohol, use of steroids and pregnancy in women.

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