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Bleeding in pregnancy is always bound to upset and worry any expectant mother. The first association has got to be a miscarriage, but there is more than this one cause of bleeding in pregnancy. What if you are in the second trimester of your pregnancy when you start bleeding? What could this be, and what should you do? This isn't just a guide for women who have noticed bleeding and want to know what is going on (in that case, your doctor should be your first pint of call, not us!), but also for any pregnant woman who wants to know what the possible causes of bleeding during the second trimester could be.

Bleeding is quite common during the first half of any pregnancy especially brown spotting during the first trimester. Of course, that does not mean that bleeding happens to every pregnant woman and that it should not worry you if you start bleeding during the first half of your pregnancy. But it can happen that the cause of bleeding is totally benign. As pregnancy progresses, bleeding becomes rarer, and the causes behind it are generally more serious. What could your bleeding be?

Placenta previa, where the placenta attaches to the front of your uterus and covers your cervix, can cause bleeding. If you have placenta previa, you definitely want to know about it. It is a condition that requires a c-section. Placental abruption, a condition where the placenta detaches from the uterus before birth, is another possible cause of second trimester bleeding. If the bleeding you experience is thick and slimy, it could be your mucus plug. Losing your mucus plug is a sign of preterm labor, though labor does not always kick in after a mucus plug is lost they can be replenished. Of course, if you notice any bleeding, pain, or other unusual symptoms, you should consult your healthcare provider immediately.

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