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Sildenafil citrate and the basic facts

This medication might not be so popular and well known underthis name, but the fact is that it cannot be said for its other name, under whichit is much more familiar - Viagra. This very effective medication is primarilyused for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and according to the results ofsome clinical studies, it has proven to be more than effective in the majorityof the men who participated in this study. What makes it even more popular isthe fact that it only needs to be taken about half an hour before the sexualintercourse, and since it remains in the blood for up to four hours, it means thatit is effective for the greatest part of that time.

Just like other medicines that are used for the treatment ofthis problem, Viagra or sildenafil citrate also works by improving the flow ofthe blood to the penis, which affects an erection in a positive way. Many menhave reported that it takes even less than half an hour for sildenafil citrate to begin to work.

Measures of precaution

However, even though it is officially approved by the FDA,it does not mean that everybody can and should use it, and that it is free ofany side effects. Since it cannot be obtained without medical prescription, itmeans that the doctor has to be visited. During the visit, it is necessary toanswer all the questions and no information should be hidden, because thedoctor has to make sure that the risks of experiencing any side effects areminimized. This particularly goes for people who suffer from any heartcondition, disease of the liver, sickle cell anemia, hypotension orhypertension, leukemia, and allergy of any kind. In such cases, the use of thismedication is not recommended at all, since serious problems are very likely tobe experienced. Even though it might sound irrelevant, information regardingthe use of any other medication, vitamins, minerals or any nutritionalsupplement is of extreme importance, because it also helps to reduce the risks.

As for the most commonly experienced and reported sideeffects, headache, flushing in the face area, indigestion, problems with visionand urinary tract infections are only some of them. Aside from these, diarrhea,dizziness, infections of the respiratory tract, symptoms that resemble those ofthe flu, as well as pain in the joints and back have also been reported. However,all of them are only less serious unwanted effects, while there is a number ofthose that are much more serious in nature.

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