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This rare and yet very serious disorder is usually a result of the child abuse, although it can also be developed in cases of children who were neglected or who used to be moved often from one caregiver to another. The consequence in each of the cases is unhealthy bond with either the parents or caregivers that an infant or a child developed and it is very likely that due to this, these children will never be able to have healthy relationships with other people and to establish loving and caring attachments with them. Even though this is a kind of psychological disorder that might even last for the entire life of a person in question, there is a chance that the child will not suffer the consequences for the rest of the life if the treatment starts early. Methods that have been proven to be both safe and effective are psychological counseling in the first place, although it is also necessary that parents or caregivers are educated.

The therapy for reactive attachment disorder

The therapy might consist of psychological counseling, which refers to the child in question, education about the disorder, which primarily involves the parents or caregivers of the child, and medications, which do not have to be necessary always. In order for the results to be successful and for the treatment to give the best possible results, it is absolutely necessary that both sides go through it. As for the child, individual psychological counseling is where it all starts from, but it is also recommended to involve the rest of the family and make a family therapy a part of the treatment as well. It is possible that children diagnosed with this disorder also suffer from depression or anxiety, although even hyperactivity might be present in their cases, and this will require the treatment of such conditions as well, which is usually done with medications.

As for the parents and caregivers, besides the fact that they will have to be educated about the child’s disorder, it might also be a good idea to consider taking parenting skills classes or special education services. What they have to be aware of is that this treatment is long lasting and very demanding, which is why it is not uncommon that they themselves will want to seek psychological counseling as well, and that is perfectly okay. The problem in question is very stressful for the parents too, but with a lot of patience, love and persistence, chances are very high that the child will overcome this problem.

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