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Iron tonic

In order to make an iron tonic, a person will firstly need unsulphured apricots, which can be purchased in a health food store. If a person is having trouble finding the apricots, he or she can buy either dried peaches or raisins. When a person finally has the fruits, he or she should put a handful of them in a glass, cover them with lukewarm water and stir. After that, the mixture should be left overnight but stirred again in the morning. Then, the water should be drained into some other cup and a tablespoon of pure cane or sorghum molasses should be added to that cup as well. This iron tonic should be consumed a couple of times per week. The fruits are not to be thrown away but eaten as well. A person can have some sunflower seeds as well because they are known to be rich with iron as well. Women should drink this tonic more often than men because they are more prone to being anemic than men. This homemade tonic is important for people who suffer from iron-deficiency anemia.

Blood disorders

However, not many people are aware of another anemia type called pernicious anemia. This blood disorder was fatal until some 20 years ago. Nowadays, it can be fatal if it is not diagnosed in its early stages. It is important that it is treated straight away. The symptoms of this blood disorders are pretty much the same like the ones of anemia caused by an iron deficiency. If pernicious anemia is diagnosed on time, then there is no need for worry since it can be controlled with liver extract and vitamin B-12.

There is one especially dangerous blood disorder when the inability of the blood to clot is present. A simple cut may be fatal because the loss of blood can not be stopped. Blood-clotting agents depend on the food a person inserts, especially protein and vitamin K. This particular vitamin can be found in green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, liver, eggs and rice bran. A person who is suspected to be lacking protein can know for sure if he or she suffers from edema since it is one of the symptoms that occur in most cases.

Protein is important for the defense against the infections since protein forms antibodies. A person who intakes more protein-rich foods will not get various infections that easily. It is important that the diet a person follows is balanced. A person cannot expect to live a long time if he or she does not consume the right foods. Some infections are not fatal but can leave a mark on a person and he or she will no longer look youthful.

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