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Methylprednisolone andthe main characteristics

Methylprednisolone is a medication that belongs to the groupof corticosteroids and that is available as a generic drug. There is a wide rangeof conditions that can be treated with this medication, but most frequently itis used in the treatment of acute bronchitis, various autoimmune diseases,allergies, and it is practically inevitable in the treatment of rheumatoiddisorders, particularly rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Besides theseconditions, it has proven to be effective and helpful in the treatment of vestibularneuritis, skin irritations caused by poison oak or poison ivy, and for particularinjuries of the spinal cord.

Possible side effectsof methylprednisolone

Since there certainly are side effects of this medication,they can be classified into several categories, depending on what part of thebody is affected. So, among the most common side effects that affect musclesand bones there are rupture of tendons, osteoporosis and fractures in the longbones, weakness of muscles and loss of the muscle mass, while stomach ulcersand pancreatitis are the most common side effects related to digestive system.

Itis important to mention that the function of the endocrine system may beimpaired, since methylprednisolone may interfere with hormonal imbalance,proper production of insulin and many other endocrine functions. Headaches andvertigo are frequently reported as far as the nervous system is concerned,while it is also possible that problems such as increased pressure in the eye,glaucoma, and cataract may be experienced.

Besides these problems, side effects of methylprednisolonethat have also been reported include dizziness, stomach disorders, changes inthe menstrual cycle, problems with sleeping and insomnia, pain and swelling inthe joints, as well as changes in the mood, and even seizures. This does nothave to be all, because there is probably a great number of other unknown sideeffects of this drug which are to be discovered. In order to avoid seriousconsequences, it is highly advised to avoid driving and similar activitieswhile using this medication and it is not recommended to use it without previousconsultations with a doctor in cases when women are expecting a baby or arelactating.

All the side effects that are known for now imply that thismedication should not be used unless prescribed, and even then, the doctor shouldbe informed in detail about all the medications or even vitamins that thepatient may already be taking, as well as other conditions or symptoms that the patientmay be suffering from. Only this way the risks will be minimized.

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