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Varicocele and the main symptoms

Varicocele is a condition which is very similar to varicose vein, with the difference that this one typically occurs in males, and that it refers to the veins that are located inside the scrotum and that tend to enlarge. It can manifest either as a twisted and non-tender mass along the spermatic cord, or through the pain or swelling. What is interesting about this condition is that it usually does not cause any problems, except in rare cases, when it produces pain, which can be dull or sharp, but which tends to increase when the man is sitting, or when he is in a position that demands physical straining. Also, this condition tends to aggravate during the day and decrease while lying on back. Varicocele do not have to be noticeable, but they usually grow with time, and become apparent some time later.

What are the causes of varicocele?

This condition does not always have to have a reasonable or known cause, and it can appear in puberty, for example. Also, it can be the result of the improper function of valves inside the veins along the spermatic cord, or the result of the compression of the vein in the testicle, which increases the pressure. Renal carcinoma is the most usual cause, but regardless of the cause, this condition may affect the production of sperm, and it can be the reason for low sperm count, and thus the infertility in men, even tough it is not really sure why, and in which way these two conditions are linked.

However, it is certainly a reason enough why every man who becomes suspicious of having varicocele should go and visit the doctor as soon as the first signs appear.

Another problem that might be the result of varicocele is the atrophy of the affected testicle, or its shrinkage and softening, in plain words. Some cases do not require any treatment, while those that are serious do require varicocele repair, which is done by the surgery. In cases in which this condition does not interfere with the fertility, it is enough to try with simple pain relievers in order to ease the pain.

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