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As all people are biologically different the list of anxiety symptoms can be large and varied as all axiety suffers will have different experiences.Some anxiety suffers will describe the feeling of a sort of smothering sensation and having a shortness of their breath like not being able to catch it. The levels of these two symptoms can vary from feeling like someone is holding something over your nose and mouth to pressure on the chest. The main thing to remember is these symptoms are caused by anxiety and will not cause you any actual harm.

Another common anxiety symptom is feeling like your heart is racing or slowing down and even heart palpitations, this happens because the anxiety puts something called adrenaline into your blood stream which inevitably makes the heart race and it will feel as if it is missing the beats. Chest Pain caused by the muscles tensing up is another sign of having an anxiety attack this symptom can cause panic because anyone’s initial reaction is to think they are experiencing a heart attack. Some anxiety suffers have described the feeling of having a lump in their throat which is also known as Globus Hystericus, which again is caused by the muscles this time in the throat tightening up, but again this will not harm you in any way as scary as it might be. Because the blood starts to go to the muscles that are tightening the skin of an anxiety attack person might look blanched and pale this will go back to normal as soon as the attach is over with. Sweating is obviously a regular reaction in an anxiety attack because of the panic involved.

Another symptom to be aware of is shaking and/or shivering which is a standard reaction to fear, the person may also experience pain in the neck and shoulders and even some numbness in their face. Rapid gastric emptying is a very disagreeable by-product of anxiety. This usually occurs during or immediately after eating a meal and can sometimes be miss diagnosed as IBS. Another consequence of anxiety is having skin rashes spots and even dryness. Some people experience an electric shock type feeling anywhere in their body because of the nerves are electrically charged and can give off some very shocking feelings indeed. A more distressing side effect is insomnia it is important to try to give yourself a normal sleep pattern. Unfortunately some people will even feel increased depression & suicidal feelings.

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