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This article will provide you with information on gum infections and the symptoms you know what to look out for. It will also tell you about possible causes of an infection and different treatment options. An infection of the gum is a dental disease by bacteria that assaults the gums and teeth. The bacteria is formed in the plaque inside the mouth and if you do not take the correct care of your teeth and gums then toxic substances will eventually cause damage. First of all, you will get a disease named gingivitis, this is noticed by obvious swelling on the gums. If gingivitis is not treated in time then it will soon change into something called peridontitis this is a severe condition. Peridontitis is formed when the bacteria in the mouth increase, which in turn cause so much damage to the gums and even the bones that give sustain the teeth.

Causes of a Gum Infection

If you do not clean your teeth regularly or correctly you will be at a high risk candidate for a gum disease. It is also very important to see your dentist to have checkups as well. Unfortunately if your parents had gum infections then you may be next in line as they can be hereditary. Smokers are of course prone to gum diseases as well as pregnant women because they go through so many hormone changes. Anti depressants, heart medications and oral contraceptives can also be triggers for gum disease.

Symptoms of a Gum Infection

One of the obvious signs of a gum disease is swelling, usually this is the first sign then will come the bleeding from the gums and with this will be the sore feeling. Unfortunately dire breath is a big give away especially if the smell is still present after brushing your teeth. Another sign to look out for however this is in later stages is the teeth not clamping together quite as usual as they normally do this because the gums are swollen and have pushed the now loose teeth out of alignment.

Gum Infection Treatment

If you do think you might be suffering from a gum disease then it is best to see your dentist or doctor who will provide you with the correct medication. There are some remedies you can try at home to help with your gum disease such as a warm salt water gargle.

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