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Dust mite allergy is a body’s reaction to tiny organisms that reside in the house dust. The dust mites are so small that they can be only perceived by the means of a microscope. When they reach the skin, they tend to eat the skin cells. The best environment for overproduction of dust mites is the one that is moist and warm. In the house, the dust mites can be found in the furniture, bedding and carpet mostly.

Symptoms of dust mite allergy

The people who develop allergy to dust mites typically experience the symptoms that are alike to those of hay fever of asthma. Sneezing, runny nose, wheezing and problems with breathing are the most common warning signs of dust mite allergy. However, people with dust mite allergy may also experience itchy eyes, puffy eyes, nasal congestion and postnasal drip, as well as cough and disturbed sleep.

What can be done for allergy sufferers?

When an allergy develops, many people think that they are just allergic to pollen or their pets, not suspecting that the dust mites are responsible for that. Dust mites are considered to be the second most common allergen besides pollen. Allergy bedding is the most effective treatment for the people who are ill with dust mite allergy. Allergy bedding can be used by everyone in spite of the other medical conditions present, and even pregnant women can use it since it is not harmful.

Allergy bedding is made of fabric that does not let the mites to penetrate and stay there. However, this fabric should be maintained clean and washed in hot water. The people allergic to dust mites can buy sheets and pillows very easily since they are widely available, but they should pay much attention when buying allergy control bedding and buy only allergy bedding for which it is emphasized that they serve as dust mite prevention.

The people can get the allergy relief also by the use of allergy control mattress, which is made of the material that is extremely dry and the mites do not like living in. Additionally, the cover fabric is also made of the material that does not let the mites to enter. What is more, the allergy control bedding is very soft and thus provides a good sleep for the people who use it. Therefore, the allergy bedding is highly recommended for those who are allergic to the dist mites, which are everywhere in the house.

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