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Chemical component cyanide, is the form of salt or gas with no colour is a deadly poison. It smells like almonds or it has no scent. Cyanide is also a component of some plants such as cassava plant. And cyanide poisoning is a well known light motive, often used in detective stories written by Agatha Christie. However, this chemical component in life is an ingredient used in manufacturing cloths, manufacturing plastic or paper, photograph developing, electroplating, metal cleaning, manufacturing an artificial nail removers, cigarette industry and food industry etc.

Fatal Cyanide

Cyanide may be swallowed, or absorbed on skin or inhaled. Inhaling cyanide has a harmful effect, but absorbed through skin or swallowed may slow down fatal process. There are different ways to get in touch with Cyanide (contamination, chemical weapon, fire smoke), especially if we consider the fact that is used by military as dangerous as a chemical weapon.

a) - Contamination: Used an ingredient or in a process of manufacturing it may appear somewhere as a leak. Leaking cyanide in a groundwater the soil, or through a well water may contaminate environment, so the agriculture grown on such soil or water, that goes through contaminated ground is deadly and dangerous to be taken in. That way water or food may become overloaded with Cyanide and may have a fatal outcome on population.

b) - Chemical weapon: Some powerful military forces may use cyanide to destroy and poison animals or people. Especially if it is used in closed facilities, because this chemical spreads fast in open air and become less effective.

c) - A fire smoke: When the building is on fire Cyanide gas creates chemical reaction and have fatal affect on victims. In building construction areas Cyanide gas reacts with fire, and when gas joins the smoke a fatal plume poison everyone within a mile.

Symptoms of Poisoning

Poisoning with cyanide may be very difficult to distinguish. The effects of cyanide are almost alike the suffocation. The Cyanide blocks in the body cells to take oxygen. Acute ingestion of Cyanide affects right away on heart, the body collapse and rapid reaction becomes more dramatic, which results with seizure and coma. While chronic poisoning takes time to react, and has a gradual effect.

If there is a suspicion for Cyanide poisoning:

Poisoned person has bright red skin because oxygen can not reach the cellsPoisoned person breathe quicklyPoisoned person has too fast or too slow heart racePoisoned person’s breath sense on bitter almonds and may not be detected at allPoisoned person may work in a lab or factory that is using cyanidePoisoned person may be suicidal

Cyanide poisoned person may be experiencing:

weakness, bizarre acting,dizziness,headache,shortness of breath,excessive sleepiness, confusion, seizures,coma.

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