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Adenomyosis, like its more well-known cousin endometriosis, is a condition that entails the overgrowth of tissues that normally line the inner parts of the uterus. With adenomyosis, the endometrium starts nestling into the muscular wall of the uterus. What are the symptoms of adenomyosis and how can you recognize the condition? Heavy bleeding, both during menstruation and in between periods, is the most common symptom of adenomyosis.

Some women who have adenomyosis have periods that last extremely long, and those prolonged periods are often painful as well. Women who suffer from adenomyosis have cramps throughout their menstruation, and often notice that their periods get increasingly painful as they get older. In addition, you may pass blood clots during your period, and have pain during sexual intercourse. There are many differences between adenomyosis and endometriosis, but both involve the overgrowth of endometrium, both can can cause abnormal bleeding and both can lead to pain.

Some say that the two conditions often go hand in hand. Unlike endometriosis, adenomyosis affects older women more often than younger ones. However, the symptoms have a tendency to improve after the menopause passed.Certain drugs, like the birth control pill, can worsen the symptoms. Heavy bleeding can lead to chronic anemia. Treatment options for adenomyosis include hormonal medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, and in extreme cases a hysterectomy may be recommended. The diagnosis is made on the basis of symptoms, doing a pelvic examination (adenomyosis patients often have an enlarged uterus), and an ultrasound.

Sometimes, and MRI scan may be needed for final diagnosis. If you suspect that you may be suffering from adenomyosis, because you have heavy and painful periods that last for a long time for instance, it is always wise to see your doctor for further testing and a diagnosis. There are conditions besides adenomyosis that can have the same symptoms. Read more about the symptoms of endometriosis to see if you recognize yourself in that too.

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